Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Macmillan Mobile Information & Support Service

Anyone is welcome, whether they have a cancer diagnosis, are visiting on behalf of a friend or relative, or are worried about cancer in any way at all. We have a team of highly skilled Information Specialists who can help with a wide range of clinical, financial, emotional and practical aspects of living with and beyond cancer, including:

  • Screening and what to look out for (i.e. signs and symptoms) 
  • Different cancers, their treatments and side effects 
  • How cancer affects your life, for example finances or employment 
  • Talking about your cancer or talking to someone with cancer 
  • Being there for someone with cancer, or support available locally
  • Survivorship and recurrence

In order to reach as many communities as possible we offer a variety of information and support delivery methods including four information units and two indoor information pods which can be set up in a variety of locations, e.g.  shopping centres, hospitals, libraries and exhibitions. Our team of Information Specialists also visit workplaces, markets, festivals and community groups offering Information and support and raise awareness of the ways in which Macmillan can support people affected by cancer.

Please take a look at our tour dates on the link below to see when a mobile centre will be near you. If you have an enquiry about our upcoming visits please get in touch by emailing the team -mobileinfounit@macmillan.org.uk