Thursday, 30 June 2016

South West Veterans Mental Health Services

The service is hosted by the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Trust but provides help to military veterans across the whole of the South West of England. Our staff have a wealth of experience in mental health and are appropriately trained to provide an efficient and effective service to veterans in the South West.  The clinicians in our team all have experience of working in military settings as serving or civilian personnel and so have a particular understanding of the issues veterans face.
The definition of veterans as used by services such as this is someone that has served in the armed forces for at least a day, therefore the service is accessible by anyone who has served in the forces
With the South West hosting approximately 42,000 serving service personnel and a high number of veterans, support of this kind is clearly needed.
We encourage veterans and their families to recognise the signs of problems looming, understand the issues that influence this and help them find the expert support that they need. We are doing this by setting up a network of contact points around the South West, including mental health trusts, charities and other related organisations.
One of the key tools of the new service is the, which offers advice, guidance, links, comments from other veterans and a helpline number allowing veterans or their families to self-refer to support services.